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Oldenburger is your contact for all of your living space dreams. Whether it is for a villa, penthouse, beach house, hotel, castle or chalet, whether it is in the Alps or by the sea, whether it is in Sydney or Los Angeles, we fill your home or residence with life and a dreamlike ambience, with furnishings and furniture that are exactly the way you want them to be.

No request is too small for us

Great wishes can be granted by anyone. We take care of even the smallest details. With our exclusive Customer Services team we are always there for you. Around the world and around the clock.  Your wishes and living space dreams are our challenges - and our daily business. Put us to the test - we will be happy to convince you!

Living or residing - with aesthetics chosen by you

Residential Interiors

You only live once, but the subject of living can always be reinvented. Oldenburger is the right port of call for anyone who has the chance to make their dream home a reality. Whether it is for a villa, penthouse, beach house, hotel, castle or chalet, in the Alps or by the sea, be it in Sydney or Singapore, we fill your home with life, with furnishings and furniture that are exactly the way you want them to be – from floor to ceiling, and from wall cabinet to toothbrush holder.


Quality from Northern Germany

Other customs regulations? No problem. Different guidelines for fire protection in shopping malls, on cruise ships or at airports? Our daily business. We deliver and assemble with our own teams or with a supervisor, depending on local regulations. Whether in Europe or Asia, in the United Arab Emirates, the USA or Russia: we are familiar with the local rules and know how to carry out projects successfully. We therefore ideally work with our own, highly qualified craftsmen. In general, complex orders are assembled in advance in our factory by the same craftsmen who are later responsible for installation on site.

Solution-oriented thinking and acting

Customer Service

Detailed documentation during the completion of each project helps us to provide a remedy reliably, quickly and flexibly in the event of service. No matter where in the world our services are needed, our dedicated employees look forward to every new challenge, be it small refurbishments or additional built-in parts, defective glazing or water damage.

Your key contacts

Head of Sales & Marketing
Benjamin Bäker

Yacht, Shop, Residential & Aircraft
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T:+49 (4443) 972-0

Sales Manager
Michael Teuber

Shop, Residential & Aircraft
Key contact Europe

T:+49 (4443) 972-0

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Oldenburger inside

Wood works.

It is essential for our work to become familiar with materials: to know their weaknesses, to make their properties and strengths visible, to show them in new contexts and to let them unfold their effect.

Despite all progress, the creative handling of the original material wood is still a supreme discipline that continues to fascinate us because of its aesthetic and functional possibilities. Being measured against the highest standards here is therefore always a special pleasure for us.