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Oldenburger · Do you already know our patented innovation? ProTEAKT - teak deck protection.

… This innovation protects outdoor teak floors on yachts from major damage that can occur during a refit at the shipyard or wintering in port. The secret of floor protection is under the panel: brush strips ensure that…

Oldenburger · Yacht

… imposing design elements with their own look on all seven of the world’s oceans. Made by Oldenburger. Refit Do you have a new idea or have your requirements changed? Whether below deck or on deck, built-in…

Oldenburger · Competencies

… goes together and install what you have requested on site – and they do so worldwide. New build or refit, touch-up or aftersales service: we take care of your needs.

Oldenburger · GPC

… Contractor accepts that the circumstances involved in the construction phase of a new yacht or yacht refitting project, or a shop-fitting project, may lead to delays and/or changes of plan, including…

Oldenburger · Company

… all continents and also installed. The Oldenburgers have become international. 10 New projects and refits per year 1988: First commission for the interior design of a cruise ship From land to water. The first…


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We know that a company's employees are usually not only its most valuable asset, but also its greatest potential - without employees there is quite simply no future. That's why we at Oldenburger value applicants who are enthusiastic and passionate about taking on exciting challenges. We look forward to receiving your application.

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Wood works.

It is essential for our work to become familiar with materials: to know their weaknesses, to make their properties and strengths visible, to show them in new contexts and to let them unfold their effect.

Despite all progress, the creative handling of the original material wood is still a supreme discipline that continues to fascinate us because of its aesthetic and functional possibilities. Being measured against the highest standards here is therefore always a special pleasure for us.