Quality is often the only way to real satisfaction.

Interior design at Oldenburger has many facets. Whether it is for use in prestigious villas or chalets on land, in VVIP jets in the air or in the most exclusive yachts on the 7 seas, our furnishing professionals ensure luxury and a relaxed living style. Oldenburger allows each owner to show off the best of everything.

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Quality is often the only way to real satisfaction.

Perfection is the best way to get to know yourself.

Interior design at Oldenburger meets the highest demands - and sets standards. Because we expect our customers to choose perfection. Classic or modern, functional or plush, vintage or futuristic? It is not the style that counts, but the fact that your requirements for your living needs are perfectly fulfilled.

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Perfection is the best way to get to know yourself.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Interior fittings at Oldenburger fulfil many wishes. Aesthetics is only one of them, but the most versatile. Whatever lifestyle our customers have and whatever living or residential designs they choose, our interiors will make their eyes sparkle - even in the long run.

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Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Some of our valued customers

Success made in Germany

Success is great: fitting out superyachts, private jets, exclusive shops and luxurious villas all over the world is one of the tasks that really inspire us – but that doesn't stop us from staying down to earth. As a family-run company with a long tradition and an equally long (and successful) history, we offer our customers ideal conditions as well as a high awareness of quality and design - through the high standards of service and aesthetics that we set for ourselves.

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Customer-oriented and technically up to date - business according to old virtues

So that we can always make our customers that little bit more satisfied and Oldenburger's good reputation that little bit better.

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Determined, innovative and flexible - and successful for more than 65 years

So that we can realise our customers' dreams and make ourselves better bit by bit. Quality interior design is the desire of every customer, be they young or old.

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Passion, emotion and solidarity - that's what the Oldenburgers stand for.

So that we can always make our customers a little more satisfied and the good reputation of the Oldenburgers a little better.

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On point.

more than 2.500 m2

Every year, we equip more than two thousand five hundred square metres of interior spaces – on water, on land and in the air – and that worldwide.

more than 70 years

We are proud to look back on a company history of more than seventy years with a fascinating development path - and we are optimistic about the future.

more than 16.000 m2

Our workshops in Dinklage are equipped with production spaces measuring more than sixteen thousand square metres.

more than 250

Over two hundred and fifty employees in Germany fulfil the requests of our customers.

more than 10

New projects and refits per year

more than 250 hours

Video calls per month

max. 70

Bandaids per year

more than 2.200

Successfully completed store projects worldwide

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Open day at our carpentry workshop – we say thank you!

“We have enjoyed many years of excellent collaboration with Oldenburger working on some of the most technically challenging projects completed in the yacht industry. It's always a pleasurable and professional experience which we hope to repeat”

Mark Whiteley, Director

"The finishing team from Oldenburger have been fantastic. Their attention to detail and knowledge of repair work on specialist finishes is like magic"


“Oldenburger for a number of years have helped make our designs a reality. Their attention to detail and innovation, along with good project management, consistently produces outstanding work”

Arne Erdbeer, RWD

"The quality and craftmanship of Oldenburger’s work is outstanding and this can be easily seen. But more importantly than that is the role they have played over the years supplying valuable help and information to Mark Berryman Design when really needed. Also to take this even further by giving advice and recommendations whenever asked, sometimes on design issues they have had no involvement in. Not just a true sign of a market leader, but the sort of relationship and trust you would expect from a good friend”

Mark Berryman, Director

“Fassmer has been working successfully with Oldenburger Interior GmbH for many years. We do not only appreciate the excellent quality but also the personal commitment of its employees.”

Thomas Sass, Director Sales Shipbuilding Division, Fassmer

"It has been our pleasure to work with Oldenburger Interior for years. The uncomplicated way and the understanding of special requirements have made us a satisfied customer. Attention to detail was not lost during hectic times. When cooperating with Oldenburger Interior we always feel the special experience and quality of workmanship due to the influence of their yacht department."

Reto Stocker, Project Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Oldenburger since ECO was built 30 years ago, since then they have consistently supported me with numerous re-modelling of the yacht for successive owners. On this and other projects they are always efficient producing the highest quality on time and are an absolute delight to work with”

Martin Francis, FrancisDesign

“Transforming unique ideas into reality is anything but simple. At WPD, we thrive on pushing boundaries for our clients as do Oldenburger, which is why it has been a pleasure to collaborate on many successful projects over the last 20 years.“

Wayne Parker, Design Principal & Founder, Wayne Parker Design

“Enjoying a personal and Winch relationship spanning over two decades or more, Oldenburger have been instrumental in helping us create some of the finest installations and memorable features on some of our best-loved and award-winning projects. Great collaborations create great results!”

Jim Dixon, Winch Design

"I have been fortunate to work with OYI over several years and individual projects. Their planning, attention to detail and highly skilled and friendly staff make it an absolute pleasure to work with. I have not worked with another outfitting company who even come close"

Colin Richardson, Captain M/Y MIRAGE

"Now, where I’m heading for my retirement to work as owner’s representative and project manager on some of the world’s greatest sailing yacht, such as: Hetairos (Baltic), Topaz (HJB), Gimlä (Vitters), Mystere (Vitters). With your company involved as manufacturer and installer at the highest level of yacht interior manufacturing. There were times, where we were believing to be on a mission impossible but by the end of the there was always a solution to solve that matter"

Jens Cornelsen, Cornelsen & Partner

We value your potential

We know that a company's employees are usually not only its most valuable asset, but also its greatest potential - without employees there is quite simply no future. That's why we at Oldenburger value applicants who are enthusiastic and passionate about taking on exciting challenges. We look forward to receiving your application.

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Close to you

Oldenburger inside

Wood works.

It is essential for our work to become familiar with materials: to know their weaknesses, to make their properties and strengths visible, to show them in new contexts and to let them unfold their effect.

Despite all progress, the creative handling of the original material wood is still a supreme discipline that continues to fascinate us because of its aesthetic and functional possibilities. Being measured against the highest standards here is therefore always a special pleasure for us.