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… are our challenges - and our daily business. Put us to the test - we will be happy to convince you! Residential Interiors You only live once, but the subject of living can always be reinvented. Oldenburger is…

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…Yacht Shop Residential Aircraft Find out the latest news and important dates from Oldenburger in our news section.

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… one of them, but the most versatile. Whatever lifestyle our customers have and whatever living or residential designs they choose, our interiors will make their eyes sparkle - even in the long run.…

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… yacht interior fitting of the highest precision and quality. 70 Bandaids per year 1990: Start of residential interiors In addition to the worldwide interior fitting of renowned boutiques and luxurious…


We value your potential

We know that a company's employees are usually not only its most valuable asset, but also its greatest potential - without employees there is quite simply no future. That's why we at Oldenburger value applicants who are enthusiastic and passionate about taking on exciting challenges. We look forward to receiving your application.

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Wood works.

It is essential for our work to become familiar with materials: to know their weaknesses, to make their properties and strengths visible, to show them in new contexts and to let them unfold their effect.

Despite all progress, the creative handling of the original material wood is still a supreme discipline that continues to fascinate us because of its aesthetic and functional possibilities. Being measured against the highest standards here is therefore always a special pleasure for us.